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Most of what'll be on here is video game music, really good art, gundam/robot shit, Riders, and poor excuses for jokes.


now, let’s say I get the motivation to do a screenshot Let’s Play of Megamans


"But Chris," you start, "Didn’t you try that with Pokemon? Three times? And you never followed up with any of them?"

Why yes. But my response to that is that pokemon is not fun to me. Too slow. Sorry people.

However, back to the main point. Megaman Battle Network/Starforce is a much stupider and much much more fun game to play. Plus I can work with it better than long slogs of trainers grinding. But, there really are three options for me:

  • Megaman Battle Network 6: In which I go through to train up for Co-op (and possible VS) with cohort and comrade #Skweeman,
  • Megaman Starforce 2 (any version): In which we all suffer through and critique (read: make fun of) it’s horrid storyline, or
  • Megaman Starforce 3 Red Joker: In which I use every method to break the game over my knee and then some. Also good plot.

"But Chris," you once again chime in, "You tried streaming Battle Network 2 before and that didn’t work at all!"

This isn’t streaming. I have learned from my mistakes. No streams until new computer. Only screenshots and maybe videos of bosses or events. Less stress on the laptop.

So, which title would people be most interested in? If no response or a tie results, I’ll probably fall on Starforce 2 since it is the only one of these I have not touched. For good reason. Any interest?


The fact that only Europe gets SMT Miiverse communities is pretty ironic.


giorno playin it cool as if he wasn’t just totally making out with his stand


giorno playin it cool as if he wasn’t just totally making out with his stand

It’s like my insomnia somehow manages to last longer if I actually try to go to bed earlier. usually im able to be out by 3 but I was in bed at 2 tonight and hey o still kiciing. argh


HGBF 1/144 Crossbone Gundam Maoh: A New Kit Photoreview by Xiaot. No.41 Big Size Images

the happiest skull